Upcoming Smartphone Launch In September 2023.

Every year in September some special company launch their flagship level’s phone. The upcoming smartphone launch in September 2023 these are—-

  • Motorola G84/G54
  • Honor 90
  • Apple 15 Series
  • Oneplus 11RT
  • Oneplus Open
  • Google pixel 8

                                          Motorola captured the india’s  market for continuously launching their budget phone. And their stock android is very helpful  for user.In Motorola phone gives a clean UI experience. The upcoming Moto G84/G54 also supports the clean UI and stock android.

2)Honor 90:-

                              200MP camera and 6.7” inch big display, Honor 90 is coming in this September 2023. The honor company can not give a budget phone from long time. We expect this phone to be within the budget for users.

3)Apple 15 Series:-

                                            Apple every year launch their a number series in September. The highlight feature is in 15 series we got type-C charging port for fast charging.

The 15 Series phones are iphone 15, iphone 15plus, iphone  15pro, iphone 15pro max.

4)Oneplus 11RT & Oneplus Open:-

                                                                                Oneplus launch their two smartphone in September 2023, one is Oneplus 11RT, It is a higher midrange phone and another One plus Open, It is a foldable phone, Oneplus launch their first fold phone.

5)Google pixel 8:-

                                           According to a leak, they launch their Pixel 8 lineup on this month. The 8 series launch with tenser 3 chipset made by google, 6.11” inch display and 48MP camera.

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