Best Selling Smartphone Brand In India 2023

Vivo beats samsung to become number one smart phone selling brand in india, according to a report by IDC. Best selling smartphone brand is vivo in india 2023.Samsung hold 1st position in the market for their camera and display. But in this day, processor is a main focus when buy a smart phone. Vivo provide best camera, processor and design in low budget, that’s why easily beats samsung’s phone. 

Vivo offered such a good camera and design in their x and v series phones that users are attracted to vivo phones a lot.

Their V23 & V23pro, V25 & V25pro and V27 & V27pro phones were offers the best design in the india’s market. And X-series provide the best camera and design compare to other brand, that compite.

According to the latest data, Vivo captured 16% of the market during the second quarter of 2023. This reflects a 7.4% increase in market share compared to the previous year. Notably, Vivo, excluding the iQOO brand, achieved the top position in the market by propelling its expansion through its V series of models


During the quarter that concluded in June, Vivo witnessed a growth in its market share, reaching 16% in contrast to the 14.5% share it held in the same period the previous year. This achievement allowed Vivo to secure the leading position, driven by a 7.4% increase in shipments over this timeframe.


In the second position, Samsung experienced a decline in its market presence, going from 16.3% in Q2 2022 to 15.7% in Q2 2023.


On the other hand, Realme, ranking third, encountered a significant drop of 29.8% in its shipments compared to the previous year, causing its market share to contract from 17.5% to 12.6%.


Oppo secured the fourth spot, encountering a 7.4% decrease in shipments and maintaining a market share of 11%.


once a time xiaomi leader in India – saw the highest decline in shipments among the top 10 vendors at 39.4%, knocking its market share down – from 17.6% in Q2 2022 to 11% in Q2 2023, the research agency’s data showed

At last, After a major shift in the Indian market, VIVO successfully beats Samsung to take the 1st spot. This change not only reflects VIVO’s strategic expertise in this field, but also highlights the dynamic nature of consumer preferences and market trends. Thanks to VIVO’s significant growth and investment in innovation, the company’s rise to the top spot in the competitive environment is a milestone. As the market continues to evolve, these developments show the ever-changing dynamics and competition driving the evolution of the Indian smartphone industry.

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